18 May 2019
The Red Lion
Much more than a matchday melodrama, Patrick Marber's football play receives a fine Scottish debut
Reviewed at Brunton Theatre

17 May 2018
Back from an Australian tour, the folk band fuse heritage and innovation at Stirling's Tolbooth.
Reviewed here

13 March 2018
The Handsome Family
An evening of gothic country and blues music to transport the audience to the American South.
Reviewed here

15 February 2017
The Cause of Thunder
A meandering but entertaining meditation on the ways in which the world has changed since Brexit.
Reviewed at Tron Theatre

26 May 2017
New Focus Quartet
Stirling Tolbooth gets eclectic, energetic jazz, performed with guts and passion.
Reviewed here

24 May 2017
The East Pointers
An evening of Canadian folklore music, combining traditional and modern inspiration.
Reviewed here

20 May 2017
An equally fascinating and moving look into recent history
Reviewed at Gilded Balloon Teviot

31 March 2017
Distil Showcase 2017
A nautical showcase of talented new Scottish composers performed by Mr McFall's Chamber.
Reviewed here

7 October 2016
The Collector
Horrors and humanity of occupied Iraq brought vividly to life
Reviewed at Brunton Theatre

4 - 25 August 2018
Good Grief
Nat Harris can spin a yarn but not a joke in this mis-sold 'stand-up comedy' show.
Reviewed here