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King Eider

A stunning mod/folk 5 piece whose musical ingenuity is exceedingly pleasing to the ear.


The Veil

An impressive and enrapturing piece of improvised theatre by Lucy Hopkins.

The Bling Ring

A group of Californian teenagers decide to start robbing the houses of the celebrities they idolise.


A heartwarming and engaging depiction of the 1988 Chilean plebicite.

Quebec Film Shorts

A wonderful selection of films with such a wide scope they give a unique and provocative evening of cinema.

Soul Sister

A feel-good, energetic, concert-style musical about the turbulent life of Tina Turner.

Sleeping Beauty

Sumptuous, passionate and edgy rendition set to Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty adaptation.

The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute doesn’t need to push boundaries because it delivers a jolly and impressive evening at the Opera.


A half-hearted study of the world of student prostitution.