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Dominic Corr


Dominic is a recent Film & Media graduate who gravitated towards the stage. For seven years he has been a freelance writer who has reviewed countless productions, films and events over multiple outlets. Originally from St. Andrews, he is at his happiest when surrounded by books, curtain up or trailer's starting, gin is citrusy or anything relating to fairy tales is on the table. Shortlisted for the Allen Wright award 2018. Reviewer, writer and 'professional' cynic.

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Assembly Roxy


Gripping performances enhance this realistic play addressing life’s harsh realities.

Festival Theatre Studio


Sensational tribute to Scotland’s most successful entertainer.

Assembly Roxy

Downs With Love

A passionate production shedding light on society’s misunderstanding of Down’s Syndrome and the insecurities that come with it.

Byre Theatre


A truly original musical with solid vocals.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Visceral documentary-styled comedy about post-truth Ukraine.

Festival Theatre

In the Willows

A modern retelling of a classic children’s story that is filled with life lessons worth sharing.

Assembly Roxy


Questionable creative decisions curse a promising group of actors in EGTG’s production of the Scottish play.

King's Theatre

Sunshine on Leith

Uneven vocal performances and clumsy scene changes stunt Greenhorn’s Leith love affair.

Brunton Theatre

Sweeney Todd

Captivate Theatre breathes life into the gaunt barber of Fleet Street

Edinburgh Playhouse

Fat Friends – The Musical

Despite its comedic charm, Fat Friends fails to weigh in on the conversation of dieting and weight loss.

Edinburgh Playhouse

Crazy For You

Crazy For You at the Playhouse offers light entertainment but little tension.