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Dominic Corr


Dominic is a recent Film & Media graduate who gravitated towards the stage. For seven years he has been a freelance writer who has reviewed countless productions, films and events over multiple outlets. Originally from St. Andrews, he is at his happiest when surrounded by books, curtain up or trailer's starting, gin is citrusy or anything relating to fairy tales is on the table. Shortlisted for the Allen Wright award 2018. Reviewer, writer and 'professional' cynic.

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Love Affair(s)

French relationship drama reveals the complexities of jealousy, love and desire


A treasure of peculiarity, which concerns itself more with the idea of a journey than the polished article

In the Shadows

Industrial-dystopia may strike familiar with some, but shallow plot leaves the audience with too much work

Persian Lessons

Rippling absurdist comedy through human tragedy achieves more than it hinders in this Holocaust-survival adaptation


The claustrophobic Spanish horror that carved its name into found-footage legacy

No Data Plan

A simple train journey becomes a condensed experience of illegal immigration and border control


GirlPlay [ONLINE]

A powerful audio examination of emotion, sex and the female body

Strike or Die

An observational documentary which takes time in demonstrating how the present is a variation of the past

Come Away

Clever take on the spiritual prequels for Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland runs out of steam, bogged down with melodrama

The Glass Man

Nearly a decade later The Glass Man’s story is more potent than ever, but it can’t disguise troubles of the past

Honey Cigar

Authentic in its intimacy, but less successful with allegorical politics

Mafia Inc

An old-fashioned crime drama which fits the bill like a fine suit

Over the Moon

Animated musical aims high and achieves lift-off with wonderful costume design and bold character choices

Dog Soldiers

Surprisingly gory and fang-bearing werewolf flick gets a welcome rerelease

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Saint Maud

A saviour of horror cinema, warping the intimacy of nursing and religion into a twisted classic

The Man in the Hat

Rhythmic jaunt across the French countryside allows the visuals to do the talking

Enola Holmes

An elementary watch which crams a few too many famous faces into minor roles