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Dominic Corr


Dominic is a recent Film & Media graduate who gravitated towards the stage. For seven years he has been a freelance writer who has reviewed countless productions, films and events over multiple outlets. Originally from St. Andrews, he is at his happiest when surrounded by books, curtain up or trailer's starting, gin is citrusy or anything relating to fairy tales is on the table. Shortlisted for the Allen Wright award 2018. Reviewer, writer and 'professional' cynic.

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Little Girl

A sentimental, observational documentary of a young girl finding her place


Netflix’s latest deployment feels less tense thriller, more gaming highlights

Sea Fever

Eco-thriller sets out with promise, only to run into choppy waters

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Too British for its good, doesn’t capitalise on potential or effective cast

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Midnight Traveler

Intimate documentary, framed around the families seeking asylum and their hand-held devices

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Kingmaker

Fascinating cinema verité documentary which deconstructs corruption

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Two Popes

Another successful excavation of character from Anthony McCarten’s biopic talents

Edinburgh Filmhouse

La Belle Époque

French romantic farce which successfully capitalises on nostalgic laughs

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Corpus Christi

A subdued but brutally realistic look at redemption and forgiveness

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The King

Wonderfully shot with solid performances, The King fails to be as sharp as intended