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Marc Nelson


Born, raised, and based in Edinburgh, Marc is a bookseller and writer.

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The Miracle Worker

Arthur Penn’s wearying melodrama evidences Hollywood’s self-righteous depictions of disability

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Marriage Story

Tonal shifts undermine a film with great performances and emotional force

The Irishman

Exceptional and emotional filmmaking pervades Scorsese’s gangster epic

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Judy Garland biopic flounders

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Documentary about life within Gaza reaches for the profound and misses

Edinburgh Filmhouse

A Season In France

Misjudged decisions and characters distract from an excellent lead performance

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Christian Petzold’s film is an oustanding drama of displacement


Energetic, oddball drama is less than the sum of its parts

Varda by Agnès

Valedictory documentary repeats received wisdom, but still moves and delights.

The Emperor of Paris

Preposterous and visually dull post-revolutionary crime story buoyed by a brilliant cast and flair for sequence-making.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Gloria Bell

A fine Julianne Moore performance is undermined in Sebastián Lelio’s underwhelming film.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Amazing Grace

An honouring and thrilling portrait of soul legend Aretha Franklin.