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Beth Blakemore


Beth is our Theatre Editor here at The Wee Review. A recent Master's graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Beth is currently based in London and acting as our London Correspondent before she returns back to the homelands. She hopes to begin a PhD in Hispanic Studies in the coming year. Her writing and editing experience includes being Fringe and Culture editor at The Student newspaper during her undergraduate degree.

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The Cockpit

Anna Karenina

Xameleon Theatre’s bilingual production overflows with ambition, yet doesn’t always hit the mark.

Almeida Theatre

Three Sisters

A tough-going yet worthwhile adaptation that preserves Chekov’s vision of modern theatre.

Traverse Theatre

Velvet Petal

A cool contemporary performance that loses itself in trying to make a statement.



An exceptional reimagining of a classic Greek tragedy that leaves you breathless.



Charles Atlas’s attempt to enter the fourth dimension falls short of expectations.

The Vaults

The Apologists

An insightful look at the cost of public apologies, which is weighed down by the heavy subject matter.

The Yard Theatre


A provocative piece tracking a woman’s rise and fall through the lens of social media.

Almeida Theatre


Despite its ambitious length, this three-hour-long dissection of the USA’s political climate lacks groundbreaking insight.

Tristan Bates Theatre

The Knot

An understated exploration of martial woes and making relationships work.


Father (Vader)

Peeping Tom’s star is lost among comic farce and negative portrayals of elderly care.


The Wedding

Gecko enrapture their audiences with this energetic and eccentric portrayal of the modern world.



Théâtre de L’Entrouvert’s masterful puppetry and creativity leaves its audiences transfixed.


Waltz of the Hommelettes

An entertaining, though slightly lacking, display of puppetry and folklore at the London International Mime Festival.

Tristan Bates Theatre

Drowned or Saved?

A carefully composed piece of theatre detailing one Holocaust survivor’s struggle to make sense of his experiences.

Camden People's Theatre

On Death Etc.

A drawn-out yet moving performance about family and survival.



Sarah Bebe Holmes is entrancing from start to finish in this masterfully crafted piece of physical theatre.


After the Cuts

Gary McNair’s drama contemplates a future without the NHS. The result isn’t promising.

On the Exhale
Traverse Theatre

On The Exhale

Zimmerman’s script stunts his protagonist in this reactive piece on grief and gun violence.

Traverse Theatre


Iseult Golden and David Horan offer a stellar exploration of the education system, class and raising kids after separation.