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Beth Blakemore


Beth is our Theatre Editor here at The Wee Review. A recent Master's graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Beth is currently based in London and acting as our London Correspondent before she returns back to the homelands. She hopes to begin a PhD in Hispanic Studies in the coming year. Her writing and editing experience includes being Fringe and Culture editor at The Student newspaper during her undergraduate degree.

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Traverse Theatre

Forbidden Stories

In a captivating production, Ludens Ensemble give a voice to the people of Cyprus who were long-silenced during the national civil war.

Edinburgh Playhouse


Amy Ross’s Elphaba is astounding in the latest UK touring production of Wicked.

Traverse Theatre

The Duke

Shôn Dale Jones’ performance at The Traverse comes across as more self-serving than selfless.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Shape of Water

An exquisite feat of artistic design with a love story guaranteed to enrapture.

The Match Box
Traverse Theatre

The Match Box

Firebrand’s creative decisions get in the way of powerful grief-stricken monologue.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

A Woman’s Life

Actress Judith Chelma will keep you captivated in this quiet yet stirring period drama.

Traverse Theatre


A humour-filled play about materialism that could do more to make its critical voice heard.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


An artistic film rich in symbolism and history that sadly will not be to everyone’s liking.

Traverse Theatre


Shona Reppe’s creative retelling of the classic fairytale leaves audience enthralled



Although a visually stunning feature, Manifesto fails to make a statement.

Spring Awakening

A powerfully hypnotic and heartbreaking production of the musical based on Frank Wedekind’s polemic cult classic.

Bitter Sweet

A gripping and incredibly raw presentation of two people who, by staying together, find themselves hurting both each other and themselves.

Seven Hungers

A bizarre and thought-provoking performance exploring the dangers that arise from our hunger for food, love and comfort.

Wounded (La Herida)

The bleak story of a psychologically damaged woman in a film that lacks both direction and a way out.