Tabatha Glancy


Tabatha hails from small town USA where the only traffic jam was loose cows blocking Main Street once. Working in banking by day and freelance writing at night, she’s still waiting for that journalism degree to pay for itself. Based in Edinburgh, she lives for August Festival review season.

19 Aug 2016


* * * * -

Buzz brings filth at the Fringe to a new level.

15 Aug 2016

12 Aug 2016

Rhys James: Forgives

* * * * *

Fantastically funny, thought provoking, with a dash of filth; one of the best comedians at the Fringe performs his best show yet.

25 Jul 2016

Fringe Preview: Assembly


Clowns, ta-tas, tap dancing fools and nuclear disaster; Assembly Festival is back and better than ever.

4 Dec 2015

Gilded Balloon Comedy Nights November

* * * * -

Bringing back a bit of the festival once a month with comedy showcases, The Studio at Festival Theatre reminds us what a great comedy hub Edinburgh can be the rest of the year too.

30 Aug 2015

Chris Ramsey: All Growed Up

* * * * -

A comedy ninja on stage, the bright young star tells jokes that are a little bit dirty while at the same time managing to be endearing and hysterical.

Chris Dugdale: Sleightly Dishonest

* * * - -

Feels like a night in Vegas without the next day regret utilising many props you expect in a magic show, but in a unique way that isn’t expected.

27 Aug 2015


* * * - -

An entertaining adventure with enticing, well acted characters and plot, however it feels flat at the end leaving audiences not quite satisfied.

25 Aug 2015

Joel Creasey: The Hurricane

* * * * -

Bright, friendly stage presence makes the crowd feel like they’re hanging out with a really funny, sassy pal.

24 Aug 2015

Iain Stirling: Touchy Feely

* * - - -

Touchy Feely is far from Stirling’s best show with jokes that aren’t quite there, lacklustre delivery and only a few really funny moments.

15 Aug 2015


* * * * *

Marvelously talented and perfectly cast. Being on skag is the only thing that could make this show better.

14 Aug 2015

Matt McDonagh

* * * * *

Vocally on point and quietly shining on stage with musical maturity beyond his age, McDonagh is a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Rhys James: Remains

* * * * -

Buster of rhymes, James returns with jokes just vulgar enough and sometimes rhyming. Seriously gifted with words and knows the right buttons to push.

13 Aug 2015