The Stand, Edinburgh

4 - 28 August 2022
Ada Campe: Too Little, Too Soon
Absurdity, magic, and comedy, from a performer with an uncanny hold over her adoring audience
Reviewed here

4 - 28 August 2022
Rachel Jackson: Almost Famous
Scottish comedian barrels through the hour in a whirlwind of jokes and arresting honesty
Reviewed here

4 - 28 August 2022
Tom Mayhew: Trash Rich
Hard-hitting stand-up points to the UK's dangerous class divide
Reviewed here

15 October 2019
Vikki Stone: Song Bird
Escapist joyous musical comedy with explosive laughs and moments of profundity
Reviewed at Pleasance Courtyard

3 - 25 August 2019
Ada Campe and the Psychic Duck
The beautifully macabre Ada Campe is in glorious form with her latest offering of magical comedy
Reviewed here

2 - 25 August 2019
Richard Herring: RHLSTP
'The Podfather' Herring brings warmth and laughter to the Fringe with award-winning podcast
Reviewed here

1 - 25 August 2019
Josie Long: Tender
Long's show thoughtfully interweaves tales of motherhood with current affairs
Reviewed here

1 - 25 August 2019
Marc Jennings: Getting Going
Astute observations and self-deprecating humour combine to make this comedian one to watch
Reviewed here

1 - 25 August 2019
Paul F Taylor: Odd Paul
Curly from sketch duo Short & Curly finds a way to make his silliness mean something
Reviewed here

31 July - 25 August 2019
Cülture Elité
Quirky Norwegian comedians explore art, culture, and everything in between
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31 July - 25 August 2019
Robin Grainger: Dog Complex
A warm show that's a mixed bag of great jokes and more pedestrian material
Reviewed here

21 - 23 March 2019
Carmen Lynch: Awkwardly Hot
Competent standup which arguably tries too hard to be dark
Reviewed at The Stand, Glasgow

17 February 2019
Ahir Shah: Duffer
Blisteringly rage-filled hour of stand-up on life, the universe and everything else
Reviewed at Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

3 - 26 August 2018
Simon Munnery: The Wreath
A master at work pondering the diminishing distance to the grave
Reviewed here

2 - 26 August 2018
Bethany Black: Unwinnable
Angry and amusing rants about everyday bigotry tip towards therapy.
Reviewed here

1 - 26 August 2018
Paul Sinha: The Two Ages of Man
Carefully constructed, but ultimately lukewarm hour of comedy from Britain’s beloved quizzer
Reviewed here

4 - 26 August 2017
Viv Groskop: Anchorwoman
Enjoyable show illustrates the prevalence of fake news and gives us something to smile about
Reviewed here

3 - 27 August 2017
Louise Reay: Hard Mode
Critique on authoritarian regime masks a deeper heartbreak.
Reviewed here

20 May 2017
The Saturday Show
The Stand once again provides a fun-filled Saturday night of laughter
Reviewed here

9 April 2017
Burnistoun pair Robert Florence and Iain Connell bring famous Glaswegian banter north
Reviewed at The Lemon Tree

29 March 2017
Rob Auton
Charming and eccentric stand-up from a wholly original voice.
Reviewed here

14 March 2017
Richard Gadd
Award-winning Scottish comedian draws from personal trauma to create powerful performance.
Reviewed here

12 March 2017
Iain Stirling: Onwards!
Few flaws in this laughter fest for millenials but it is not what those who watched him on CBBC might expect...
Reviewed at Pleasance Courtyard

15 November 2016
Ed Gamble: Stampede
Gamble performs a set with unexpected turns that are mostly successful.
Reviewed at The Counting House

4 - 28 August 2016
Will Franken: Little Joe
Character comic's trippy excursions are best when at their most satirical
Reviewed here

8 - 14 August 2016
Carol Ann Duffy and John Sampson
Duffy and Sampson intertwine music and poetry expertly, showing just how special the Fringe is.
Reviewed here

5 - 28 August 2016
Seymour Mace: Shit Title
Breakneck, bracing hour of deranged silliness spiked with melancholy.
Reviewed here

4 - 28 August 2016
Andy Zaltzman: Plan Z
Quality topical satire from Bugle podcast alumnus, but occasionally feels like a work-in-progress.
Reviewed here

April - 8 July 2016
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
For anyone in love with the WWF in the 90s, it's a heartwarming trip down memory lane.
Reviewed here

1 - 12 August 2018
Jim Smith: Back to the Teuchter!
From the farm to the Fringe Jim Smith's down-to-earth patter is just right for his teuchter audience.
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